According to, Running Man production team are facing backlashes for forcing Song Ji Hyo to touch insects as a punishment.

On the latest episode of Running Man, HaHa made to save one member from receiving a punishment for failing to complete a mission.

It was either Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, or Song Ji Hyo, and he had to decide within 5 minutes.

Song Ji Hyo’s punishment was to put her hand in a box of bugs, and with every minute passed, the box was moving closer and closer towards Song Ji Hyo’s hand.

Unfortunately, Song Ji Hyo seems to have entomophobia and begged HaHa to save her. HaHa argued that the punishment might be too excessive. Regardless, the crew urged HaHa to make a decision, ultimately, HaHa decided to save Ji Hyo from the punishment.

Upon being released, Song Ji Hyo could be seen crawling away from the bugs. In her terror, her legs give way multiple times and it looked genuinely traumatized by the incident.

Fans angered and felt sorry for Song Ji Hyo, and immediately criticizing the staff for the punishment.

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