UM Denies Awarding Honorary Doctorate To Azizan Osman

We hope that this clears any doubt the public might have.

dr azizan osman

PETALING JAYA: Popular motivator and business guru Azizan Osman was never conferred an honorary doctorate from Universiti Malaya (UM), says the varsity.

“The university never awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Entrepreneurship to Mr Azizan Osman.

“We hope that this clears any doubt the public might have,” it said in a statement Thursday.

Social media was all-abuzz when a screenshot of Azizan’s purported academic background made its rounds, claiming he was awarded the honorary doctorate by UM for his “hard work, dedication, contribution in the development of entrepreneurs in Malaysia, especially bumiputeras among the years”.

Azizan’s website ( refers to him as “Dr Azizan Osman”, and that he has a PhD from a local university.

Meanwhile, website of his firm Richworks Group of companies describes him as an honorary PhD holder in entrepreneurship from UM.


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