Emirates already one of the world’s leading airlines.

But now, the Middle East’s largest air carrier, upped its game with the unveiling of its brand new, state-of-the-art first class suites – which are estimated to cost from £7,000 per flight.

Set to be introduced into commercial service next month, the fully-enclosed cabins measure 40 square-foot (3.7-square-meters) are billed as ‘game-changers’ with their unrivaled privacy, plus gourmet dining, mood lighting and 32″ TV.

Revealed at the Dubai Airshow on Sunday, the suites are certainly designed to impress.

Featuring floor-to-ceiling sliding doors for maximum privacy, the suites comes with a pair of bespoke binoculars. You can check out the view from your suites.

However, those positioned in the middle aisle are instead fitted with virtual windows which live stream views from the plane via fiber optic external cameras, ensuring they don’t miss out.

The suites also come with remote-control wireless, a personal wardrobe and private stowage space for carry-on bags; soft lighting and temperature settings that can be customised at a touch of a button.

Customers can video call the crew for service requests without leaving the comfort of their suite, and crew can serve drinks and canapes through a special service window without disturbing passengers.

Meanwhile, the leather seats recline fully flat, can be placed in a zero-gravity position, or adjusted into dozens of other custom positions for optimal comfort.

A spokesperson for the airline says the cabins are inspired by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, while the zero-gravity seats are designed with the influence of NASA technology.


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