Sunday • 24 October 2021

Hillary Clinton: The first Madam President?

Clinton's early activism was focused on civil rights, but her later career was defined by her hawkish foreign policy.

Clinton’s early activism focused on pressuring her college to accept more African-American students [Ed Reinke/AP]

In 1961, a 14-year-old Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote a letter to NASA asking what she needed to do to become an astronaut.

According to Clinton, now the Democratic nominee for US presidency, the agency’s responsewas effectively “thanks you but we don’t take girls”.

The organisation has since changed its policies and become more inclusive, sending dozens of women into space, but the number of female US presidents since the letter was purportedly sent remains the same; zero.

Clinton’s journey to change that began on the opposite side of the US political divide, as a young conservative activist for the Republican Party.

By 1968 however, she had transformed.

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