Mark O’Dea berumur 23 tahun dan berasal dari UK. Beliau mula berjinak dalam bidang seni ketika berusia 11 tahun melalui West End Theatre di London. Kini beliau di Malaysia menjadi pengacara 8TV Quickie, Astro Supersports dan mempunyai Channel YouTubenya sendiri dengan penonton melebihi sejuta orang.

Komennya bermula apabila beliau membaca sebuah artikel yang mengarut menurutnya mengenai agama di Malaysia. Menurut beliau,  memandangkan dirinya bukan orang Malaysia sepenuhnya, apa kata dia pula memberi pendapatnya.

Ini adalah komennya, panjang lebar mengenai isu bangsa dan agama di Malaysia –

So after reading another ridiculous article online I thought I’d give my opinion on the religion here in Malaysia from an outsider , considering I’m not fully Malaysian.
Recently I filmed a travel show visiting locations around Malaysia and I visited a couple of Mosques , Hindu Temples & Buddhist temples. In each of these places I either met the owner or somebody who had been working there for most of their life!
Not one of them bad mouthed or insulted any other religion and the way they talked about the relationship they had with their own God was so strong and inspiring!
I also asked them about the other races & religions in Malaysia and they all said that it’s amazing to have lots of different people coming together and living united. They have their own relationships with their Gods & we have ours.
Occasionally you go online and see articles where some religious leaders claim others are trying to lure other people into theirs by displaying objects or putting up various decorations.

When I asked the guys at the mosques, Hindu and Buddhist temples about this they all laughed and told me that their faith is so strong that these things wouldn’t even for one second upset or worry them!

One thing I love about Malaysia is the fact that when I get my morning Tea (how English I know) there is Malay , Indian and Chinese races all working together at the shop laughing, joking and getting on just fine! They respect each other’s own faiths and to be honest in other countries that I’ve visited the unity of the population is nothing compared to Malaysia! My Malaysian mates and I may have different Gods but so what! Everyone was brought up differently and everyone can have their own opinion as long as it’s respectful to each other!

As an outsider in this country I think no matter what you believe in you should be proud of that and shouldn’t let others get you down!
Sorry for the preach! Much love Malaysia and keep being the amazing diverse country that you are today!

Orang luar pun pandai mencari kebenaran dan tidak hanya percaya bulat-bulat kepada sebarang khabar angin. Mark nampak lebih menghargai kepelbagaian agama, bangsa dan budaya yang kita ada malahan menurut kata Mark lagi, banyak tempat sudah dia lawati, tiada yang setanding perpaduan di Malaysia.

Terima kasih Mark!



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